How To Make Your Own Candle

A definitive guide to refill your candle container in easy steps

We developed our Candle Refill Kit to supply everything necessary to refresh your old containers and breathe new life into your home in a few minutes.

Follow these easy and simple steps to refill your candle container.

How to calculate the amount of liquid your container holds?

  1. Fill the container with water to the level you want the wax to be. 
  2. Pour the water from the container into a measuring jug. Round up the amount to the nearest 10ml. This should give you an accurate volume for your container you want to use.  

How Much Fragrance Oil to add?

Refill My Candles Fragrance Oils are as natural as can be,  Paraben Free and Phthlates Free giving your home a wonderful fresh, natural scent throughout the life of the candle. 

To ensure good scent throw we recommend using between 8% and 10%.    Just multiply the volume your container holds by 8% or 10% 



300ml x 10% = 30ml Fragrance

Wax Weight Calculation

If your container holds 300ml liquid and you would like to add 10% fragrance oil (30ml) . It means you need 270ml of liquid wax & 30ml of fragrance oil = 300ml. 

This is the most complicated part of the whole candle making process and to make it simple we have included a chart in the Instructions Leaflet and also a great tip of how to measure the wax without any scales or calculators, so its super easy to do.  

All you need to do is multiply the amount of liquid needed (eg 270ml) by x.77 and this will equate to the amount of grams of wax you need to melt down to end up with 270ml liquid wax. 

270ml x .77 = 208 grams of wax