How to make your candles

You will be amazed how quick and easy our candle refill kits make


Now you are ready to recreate beautiful soy wax candles from containers you have used up, or from other household containers you can’t find a use for. Its a simple process to melt the wax and create the candles remember everything you need is in the kit.

Step 1

• We share our special super fast methods to clean your containers in the kit. No fuss, no mess, no damage to your things.


Step 2

• We show you how to add a special wick. This gives you the perfect effect from your candles.

Step 3

• We teach you how to add just the right amount of wax using the special wax decanter, this comes with the kit.


Step 4

• Choose a beautiful fragrance (Free in the kit)

Step 5

• Create your candle. It’s easy with our kit when you know how and have everything you need.

Once you have completed all these steps and your candle is ready to light and fill your house, flat, room, office with amazing smells!

What’s even better you can repeat this process every single time your candle runs out! Why not re-love you old candles today, shop now to buy a kit!

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