Why I created Refill my candles


When asked about why I started refill my candles as a business I can only say it is because of my own love of candles.

My love of candles started many years ago back then I had every room in my house lit with candles,  my brother even joked when he arrived one evening he was looking for the confessional box!

Candles create a soft warm glow, a romantic or a relaxed atmosphere, they can be used to create light effects that change a room or outdoor space.

The once limited ranges of candles available have now boomed into a big business. Times have moved on and the choice is now vast and it is so much easier to find candles in all  shapes and sizes to suit your home and budget.

As time progressed I ended up with lots and lots of beautiful containers that once held candles and the downside for me was I struggled to find alternative uses for all the containers. Some of them were really beautiful and it seemed a shame to through them away. I used them as container like pen holders and ornaments but as time went on the pile in the cupboard became bigger and bigger.

As a candle lover I often got them as gifts and one year for my birthday, I  received a beautiful silver cased candle with three wicks as a birthday gift and loved it. I used it sparingly but eventually It was at the end of its life. I was really disappointed and I could not bear to part with it and this is where my business idea began.

There has to be another way

I decided I would simply reuse the holder by filling it with wax and putting three  wicks in it. I  ordered wax and wicks and thought it would not be so difficult. Not the case – after burning my hands – destroying several pans – and getting wax all over the kitchen I was truly bemused not to mention frustrated.

The result of my labour was wobbly wicks and a candle that did not burn and looked a mess. Very disappointing, expensive and time consuming.

Surely there must be a simpler way to refill a candle container? I continued to research  and it became a bit of an obsession to be honest. I tried lots of methods and ways to refill my candle containers. After a whole year of research and a lot of failed attempts,  I finally produced a method without the need of lots of equipment that works brilliantly.  It’s a safe, quick way to refill candle containers in all shapes sizes, so you can reuse, re love your favourite candles over and over again.

I developed Refill My Candle Kits to supply everything necessary to refresh your old containers and breathe new life into your home in a few minutes.